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Here is our Top 5 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas:

Holiday Gift Giving List

1. Photo Ornament - Imagine unpacking your Christmas Tree decorations each year and taking a walk down memory lane as you look at all of the past year photo ornaments. The memories of your kids at each of those ages will come flooding back. That is why the photo ornament is our favorite Christmas Gift! You can box them up or use them as part of the wrapping by attaching to the top of another gift. Either way, everyone on your list will appreciate this gift!​

2. 3.5x5 Magnet - For those who don't want to ship a framed portrait and want something easy to put in a card, the 3.5x5 magnet is the perfect gift. It goes on the refrigerator and is a perfect little personal touch to the holiday gifting.​

3. 2022 Calendar - Everyone needs a calendar, maybe two or three! Give each person on your list a photo calendar and they will get to see your child's smiley face throughout the year!​

4. Coffee Mug - Grandparents LOVE drinking their tea and/or coffee. Who better to look at every morning when pouring the perfect cup then their beloved grandchildren? Coffee mugs make a wonderful gift! When you come into the studio you can check out our 2021 Holiday Mug designs!​

5. Gift Sized Portraits - You can never go wrong with a portrait that everyone can set out on a table top! We stock a variety of easel back frames for you to choose from. This is a gift that can be on display and loved all year long.​

If you still need to book a holiday session with us so that we can create these amazing gifts for everyone on your list, please give us a call at 781-781-4045 and we will get you taken care of!​

Happy Holiday Shopping!​


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