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Hot Maternity Momma!

Hi All!

I was so excited to meet up with this hot Mom and Dad at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ for a stunning – and terribly sweet – maternity session. At the time, Mom was mere 5 weeks away from giving birth, so you can only imagine how she was feeling while we were roaming around finding the best spots to shoot! Let's not forget the wardrobe changes. :) She was a trooper, though, let me tell you. Her skin looked radiant, her hair was beyond perfection, and her dresses were on point. She chose to wear the Scarlet Red and Gold Athena from our maternity closet and I talked her into trying on the stunningly gorgeous Royal Blue Eden.

Dad was a total and loving rock star the entire time. There were so many sweet moments and some flat out sexy ones. :D I nearly fainted from the tenderness of it all!

They’re going to be an amazing Mom and Dad duo, and their little bundle of joy is so lucky to be brought into the world with them. Thanks again and congrats, you two!

I can't wait to meet your little one.

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