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Maternity Fun in the Studio

I love that my job keeps me on my toes and also allows for creativity and so much fun. Sometimes I’m roaming around in the Pocono Mountains or sailing away on the Atlantic Ocean - and sometimes I shoot in the private sanctuary of my studio, where the lighting is always perfect and there are zero distractions from the rest of the world.

My recent maternity shoot with Reyna was the latter scenario, and it was downright awesome. This was Reyna's 1st time at a professional shoot but she was a star client. Natural in front of the camera and so much fun. The studio was quiet and calm, and I was able to capture some insanely gorgeous images (it helps that Reyna is such a babe).

Reyna in our mustard yellow maternity gown

I can’t get enough of the colors and the way the light hit her baby bump in these shots! Yep, a woman-with-child's glow is absolutely true! And how about the images below? Stunning! Did you know that Reyna, aka “reina” is the Spanish vocabulary word for “queen”? Naturally, we had to use some of our crowns fit for a queen!

Reyna - the Maternity Queen :)

At the time of the shoot, Reyna was practically full term, she's due any day now! I’m so excited for you and your little one, Mom and Dad. Congratulations, again! Can't wait to meet your beautiful baby boy!

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