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The digital revolution of the past decade has changed every aspect of our lives including the way we take, view and store our photos. Digital access and devices have played a major role in this series of changes. When it comes to photos, we can all agree that they are important, but how important are they if they just sit on your computer, phone or USB? Everyone has hundreds, maybe thousands of images in their pocket and yet often times we don't have any on display in our homes.

Digital Images on a computer

Nothing gets ahead the real thing…not even digital revolutions

It’s great to be able to share pictures online. The instant gratification is amazing. However, when it comes to appreciating and feeling a photo and experiencing the memory of the story behind it, nothing can get ahead of a real printed photograph. It’s something that you can touch, feel, and pass down to your children and grandchildren in an effective way. And with a fine art piece that’s made with engraved ink on archival paper, you can rest assured that your photograph will last for generations. That’s a really nice feeling.

Fine art Portrait of a girl on a wall

Think about looking through your family’s old photo albums. As you flip through the pages, you go back in time, experience the moments and the emotions that accompany each image. Printed photos bring out nostalgia, happiness and in some cases sadness. Photos keep memories of loved ones alive, hold moments in history for future generations and can be a witness to tragedy or joy. The photo albums are part of our childhood. They are important and something every family holds dear, protects and cherishes. Every image holds so many details and a story behind it. The albums freeze a memory and allow us to pass these memories and stories onto the next generation. This is very powerful.

Family portrait in a luxury folio box

Generational Legacy

Printed photos are for the benefit and reassurance of your children and their children. They’ll be able to hold it in their hands knowing that you held that as well, adding their own fingerprints to yours, with the photos carrying them through the years. Photos are a generational legacy that gives us a connection through time. Printed photos are always a more elegant and personal souvenir than a digital file will ever be.

Old family portraits

Aesthetic effect

You spend a lot of time and hard work to create beautiful photos, so why hide them on a computer or a memory card? Photographs have the greatest impact and effect when they are visible and in your hand! Like any work of art, a photograph adds beauty, meaning, and memories into your life. Keeping your photos hidden in a maze of digital files on a far-flung device is almost certainly not the place for them! The best way to showcase your images is to have them professionally printed and to display them in your home, whether that’s on a wall, an album, or a box on a coffee table in front of your eyes. Here at Irene Keselman Photography, we offer lots of options. Our legacy folio boxes are our clients’ favorites.

Family prints in a folio box

Printing your PHOTOS is Permanent, Digitals are NOT

There is permanence and a sense of attachment to having a physical photo that brings the art to life in a way that digital screens just aren’t able to in any way. If you want your photographs to do what they were created to do in the first place, you’ll have to get them out of that computer and into a frame or album! The wonderful thing about a physical photograph is that it is a real piece of your life preserved for the future. You know that the photograph you hold in your hand is truly a manifestation of your past. Phones can be lost and hard drives can fail anytime, and if that happens your photographs and the memories they bring back will sadly be lost forever. It’s great to have a digital backup, but nothing is as reliable and permanent as the real thing. There’s also such an endlessly web of online content to get lost in today that sending your pictures up to the cloud or storage can really be the final voyage it sounds like. How many photos have you already lost to a broken phone or to a crashed computer? What would happen if tomorrow Facebook or Instagram shut down? Are you prepared to loose everything you ever shared? Digitals are easy and cheap, but only because they have very little value. They are unreliable and the technology will likely evolve and make them obsolete. Without access to a device and away from WI-FI, the digital negative does not exist. The smarter investment is printing your photos and it’s far less expensive than losing your memories in the online world.

Sorting photo prints

It binds people to places and emotions

When we look at the image taken the first time at a place, we might notice things and characters like how we used to look. But as time passes, what we get to see in real time are the moments, the emotions, and the experiences that we had with people that were with us. The first few moments from just looking at a photo immediately bring us back to our old homes, our old playgrounds we used to roam, our old treasured memories.

How Much Should you PRINT?

The goal isn’t to print EVERY single photo. Quality over Quantity as they say. Most importantly printing the photos gives them permanence and presence! You get to enjoy them every single day. When you are ready just archive the old ones and display new pieces. The older images can always be revisited and re-hung at a later time and passed on to your loved ones to be enjoyed for generations. Irene Keselman Photography can help design your wall space, help with choosing the right product, frame and even help you choose wardrobe choices for your shoot to fit with your décor. We will even install the wall art for you!

Family Wall Art on a wall

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